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Chopping of the countryside and the woods with crostini
Sauteed shrimp with pink grapefruit and Valdobbiadene Prosecco sauce
Buffalo patty and tomato baked with herbs.
Tartare crispy beef and citrus mayonnaise liquorice
Salad with duck bacon, fruit chutney and parmesan cheese
crusty baguette with buffalo, agretti and anchovies.
Saffron risotto with licorice powder and salt cod creamed
Homemade ravioli with pods (beans) and bacon, of pecorino with truffle fondue
Homemade fettuccine with shrimp and mushrooms in coffee
Homemade Pici to vignarola and pecorino cheese
Homemade Pici ragout of duck with orange
The carbonara
Penne with grainy lamb with mint and roasted peppers
Sliced Chianina bacon colonnade, pecorino cheese and balsamic spheres.
Medallions stuffed fillet on Tuscan pecorino fondue and asparagus in butter.
Rabbit bites with spring onions, olives and fried zucchini flowers.
Variation of lamb
Roast cod with potatoes and onions
Peas and bacon
Spring in the pan
Artichokes and fried zucchini flowers
Baked potatoes
Pera picciola and vecchiarelle cocoa with Vin Santo cup
Creme Brulee
Amedei dark chocolate tart with soft heart and rum cup
Custard with chestnuts and chocolate rum cup
Yarrow custard and berries with a glass of Moscato d’Asti
The Tiramisu
Tasting of liquors and bitter herbs of the Monte Amiata with chocolates

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